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Lion's Gate

AZ Based Meal Prep Company

Oil Free | Seasonings & Marinades Made From Scratch | No Sugar Added | High Protein | Macro & Gut Friendly  


Menu for week of
06/17- 06/24

How to Order:


1. Check out our weekly rotating menu on the left. Each week we like to create a chef inspired menu that will keep your taste buds aroused and coming back for more.


2. After you press "Order Here" you will be promted to our package options. Select between 5, 10, 14, 21, and 35 meal packages.


3. Select Delivery or Pick Up


4. You will receive your meals on Sundays or Mondays depending on your region. You will be contacted prior to delivery to confirm date and time. Please text your order number, name, and address to (209)421-7783.


4. Enjoy, See you next week! 


*Our new menu will be posted up every Monday*

OPTION UNO: Buffalo Chicken

Chicken breast marinated in our homemade dry rub served with a side of roasted carrots over a bed of jasmine white rice


OPTION DOS: Garlic Rosemary Steak 
Sizzling Sirloin Steak seasoned with our authentic garlic rosemary dry rub served with zucchini and a side of mashed red potatoes.


OPTION TRES: Chicken Chile Verde

Chicken Breast marinated in our homemade Spanish dry rub served with a side of bell peppers with a side of jasmine white rice


OPTION CUATRO: Teriyaki Bison

Bison marinated in our house teriyaki sauce served with broccoli over a bed of jasmine white rice.


DESAYUNO: Beef Chorizo Burrito 
Beef chorizo served with potatoes and egg whites seasoned to perfection wrapped up in a flour tortilla 

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